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Honoring the Past; Preparing for the Future

Celebrating 50 years of Preparing Teachers for the Nation’s Service

Princeton University's Program in Teacher Preparation is marking 50 years at Princeton with a two-day event, “Honoring the Past; Preparing for the Future,” to celebrate the evolution of the program, the outstanding accomplishments and contributions of alumni to the field of education and beyond, and possibilities for the future. This two-day conference will highlight the role of Teacher Prep in the University’s commitment to public service through education and delve into timely issues around equity, access, and the evolving role of the teacher in the classroom and society.


Friday evening’s keynote address features Dr. Jennifer Jennings (’00), Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs and Director of the Education Research Section (WWS) at Princeton University. Dr. Jennings is also a Teacher Prep alumna! Saturday’s main event is a keynote address by Dr. Pedro Noguera, Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA.

Panels throughout the event feature Teacher Prep alums who have made exciting contributions to the field, including Teacher and Organizer, Divya Farias ('15), 2011 National Teacher of the Year, Michelle Shearer ('95), District 1 Community Superintendent, NYC Public Schools, Daniella Phillips (’89), Co-Director of the Leadership Institute at Santa Fe Indian School, Regis Pecos ('77) and many more.


The event will also include presentations by University faculty and staff on important initiatives and research related to the conference theme. Additionally, there will be opportunities for networking and discussions on timely topics, such as, national trends in education policy, innovative professional development, social and emotional learning, and careers in educational non-profits. 


To round out the event, there will be musical entertainment, receptions and dinner. We will also offer a tribute to honor Henry Drewry, who served as director of Teacher Preparation from 1968 to 1989. Henry Drewry was also one of the University’s first African-American administrators and lecturer of courses on African-American studies.