Honoring the Past; Preparing for the Future

Celebrating 50 years of Preparing Teachers for the Nation’s Service

A Message from the Director

It has been one of the great privileges in my life to work at the Program in Teacher Preparation at Princeton University.  Princeton draws the best and brightest students from across the country and around the globe, but I sincerely believe that the students who walk through the doors of Teacher Prep are in a class of their own.  Not only are they truly remarkable in their academic and life achievements, but they are dedicated to using their Princeton education for the betterment of others. Whether they choose to pursue classroom teaching or other career paths, our graduates tell us that Teacher Prep has impacted their lives in a meaningful way.  The celebration of the program’s 50 years is really a celebration of five decades of our students and all they have accomplished in so many different ways.

As I sit in the director’s office, I am humbly reminded of Newton’s often quoted statement about seeing further by standing on the shoulders of Giants.  Teacher Prep has evolved over the years through the stewardship of some truly great individuals.  The origins of Teacher Prep began in the early 1960’s with the vision and leadership of Henry Callard with the support of William Bowen, the then-Provost and later University President, and Jeremiah Finch, Professor of English.  Henry Drewry was appointed the program’s first “official” director in 1968, and the program received state approval in 1969.


Henry served as director for twenty years and created the basic framework of the program that is very evident today.  Henry was succeeded by Marue Walizer in 1989, who grew the program and developed several new initiatives including the Teachers as Scholars program that brings area teachers to campus for day-long seminars with faculty.  John Webb took over the directorship in 2000 and moved the program toward a standards-based framework that enabled the program to achieve national accreditation in 2007. John and sociology professor Miguel Centeno also created the Princeton University Preparatory Program which supports low-income high school students in area schools to enter and succeed at college.  Chris Campisano was named director in 2010 and guided the program through the most intense period of regulatory change in the program’s history.  I took over the leadership of the program in 2017, and, of course, the amazing Jacqui Swain provided administrative support throughout the program’s 50 year history.  These leaders, along with other Teacher Prep staff too numerous to name here, all left lasting imprints on the program that contributed to its growth and evolution.  We are in their debt. 

The students and graduates of the program are remarkable in their talents and accomplishments.  There are too many wonderful stories to relate in this limited space, but we are all very proud of our 1,000+ alumni and their work.  Many become career teachers, others move into other areas and roles in education, and in the true spirit of a liberal arts education, some went through our program and then went on to other pursuits.  We are a small and intimate program, and we hope that each student felt valued and that they benefited from the time they spent with us.  The 50th anniversary conference is a celebration of the many individuals who joined the Teacher Prep “family” over the years, and we have an exciting program that celebrates their work and contributions.  Please join us!


Dr. Todd W. Kent, '83

Director,  Program in Teacher Preparation

Special Thanks  to the  TPP 50th Anniversary Steering Committee:

Nolis  Arkoulakis '89

Andrew Assini '03

Cindy Assini '04

Matt DeNunzio '15

Barbara Fortunato '98

Douglas Knecht '95

Daniella Phillips '89

Marue Walizer, Former TPP Director

John Yi '03

and co-sponsors:

Department of Sociology

Princeton University Humanities Council

University Center for Human Values

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs